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The leading specialist consulting and corporate advisory firm in the Emerging Markets in Africa.

Gamb&IT Consult offers consulting and corporate advisory services to various industries in Africa with special focus on the Ecommerce Industry, I Gaming Industry, Payments & Cryptocurrency Industry, Forex Industry, Health Care Industry, Among others.


Our team consists entirely of experienced industry executives covering all verticals, geographies and disciplines in Africa. Gamb& IT provides access to world-class expertise and a network of relationships that are unrivalled in the sector.


Whether you are a gambling operator, a payment solution provider, or a company looking to expand into Africa, our firm is dedicated to providing you with top-notch legal advice and support.


With three offices in three African countries and over 50 specialist lawyers, we draw on our unique knowledge of the business and socio-political environment to advise clients on a wide range of legal issues.

Services we provide


Company Registration

Our service helps businesses establish a legal entity, from choosing a structure to completing documentation, ensuring a smooth process.


Corporate Governance & Structure

We guide businesses on corporate governance, helping them manage operations, optimize taxes, protect ownership, draft bylaws, and ensure transparency.


Tax Planning & Optimization

We provide personalized tax planning services, analyzing obligations, optimizing opportunities, and minimizing liabilities while maximizing savings and compliance.


Licensing & Compliance

We assist clients in navigating regulations and ensuring compliance by obtaining permits, licenses, and certifications. This includes licenses from gambling, central bank, and capital markets regulators, as well as compliance with government, standards bureaus, Google, MNO, and customs obligations.


Intellectual Property Registration

We provide intellectual property registration services, safeguarding businesses’ intangible assets like trademarks, copyrights, and patents across 20 African jurisdictions, ensuring enforceable rights protection.


Payment System Integrations

We specialize in seamless payment system integration across various African jurisdictions, offering access to services in over 10 regions. From solution selection to integration, we ensure secure, efficient processing capabilities.


Government Relations

Our service fosters business-government relationships, advocating for clients, maintaining correspondence with regulators, pushing limits, providing strategic advice, influencing policy, and addressing legislative issues.


Legal Analysis & Opinions

Our legal analysis and opinions service offers expert guidance on various issues across Africa. Experienced attorneys conduct thorough analysis, identify risks and opportunities, and provide clear legal opinions to support informed decision-making for businesses.


Human Resource Advisory

Strategic human resource management is vital to business success. We offer advisory services to help manage workforce effectively. From policy development to recruitment and performance management guidance, we optimize human capital for success.

Industry Focus


The gambling industry is a dynamic and highly regulated sector that encompasses casinos, sports betting, online gaming, and lotteries. It is characterized by rapid technological advancements and evolving regulatory landscapes.

How Gamb&IT Consult Can Help: 


  • Licensing & Compliance: Assist in obtaining gambling licenses and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Corporate Governance & Structure: Provide guidance on governance practices tailored to the gambling sector.
  • Payment System Integrations: Facilitate integration of payment systems for seamless transactions.
  • Legal Analysis & Opinions: Offer legal expertise on gambling laws and regulations.
  • Market Entry Strategy: Support new market entry and expansion strategies.


The Payments industry involves the sending & trading of currencies on the global market. It is characterized by high liquidity, volatility, and the use of leverage.

How Gamb&IT Consult Can Help:


  • Tax Planning & Optimization: Provide strategies to optimize tax liabilities for forex transactions.
  • Licensing & Compliance: Assist in obtaining regulatory licenses for forex trading.
  • Legal Analysis & Opinions: Offer legal advice on forex regulations and compliance.
  • Market Intelligence: Provide insights into forex market trends and opportunities.


The venture capital industry involves investing in early-stage companies with high growth potential. It is characterized by risk-taking, innovation, and strategic partnerships.

How Gamb&IT Consult Can Help:


  • Legal Structuring: Assist in structuring venture capital investments for optimal returns.
  • Due Diligence: Conduct comprehensive due diligence on potential investment opportunities.
  • Government Relations: Facilitate relationships with government entities and regulatory bodies.
  • Market Entry Strategy: Develop strategies for entering new markets and expanding portfolio companies.


The healthcare industry encompasses a wide range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and healthcare services. It is characterized by rapid innovation, regulatory scrutiny, and evolving market dynamics.

How Gamb&IT Consult Can Help:


  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and industry standards.
  • Market Entry Strategy: Develop strategies for entering new healthcare markets and expanding services.
  • Government Relations: Facilitate relationships with government agencies and healthcare stakeholders.
  • Legal Analysis & Opinions: Provide legal expertise on healthcare laws and regulations.


The ecommerce industry involves buying and selling goods or services online. It is characterized by digital transactions, global reach, and constant technological innovation.

How Gamb&IT Consult Can Help:


  • Company Registration: Assist in registering ecommerce businesses and establishing legal entities.
  • Tax Planning & Optimization: Provide tax planning strategies for ecommerce transactions and international sales.
  • Payment System Integrations: Facilitate integration of payment systems for secure and efficient online transactions.
  • Legal Analysis & Opinions: Offer legal expertise on ecommerce laws and regulations.

Our Clients

Numbers Speak


Processed over 20 Sports Betting, Casino, Lottery, & Other Games of Chance Licenses in over 15 Jurisdictions in Africa.


Lead consultant for Payments Company in Over 10 Jurisdictions in Africa


Recognized with over 20 Regulators in different Jurisdictions in Africa


Customer Satisfaction is over 85% according to feedback surveys outsourced to leading professionals.


We provide the most efficient turnaround time to our clients in Africa.


We provide our clients with expertise in gaming spanning over 30 years in the African Market.

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